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IC-V3MR Multi-Use Radio Service (MURS) Transceiver


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IC-V3MR Multi-Use Radio Service (MURS) Transceiver

Multi-Use Radio Service (MURS) Transceiver

For basic operations, the V3MR provides an entry level license free Multi-Use Radio Service (MURS) option. Everything to start communications comes ready to use straight out of the box, including a li-ion battery, antenna, and a charger. This simple and professional grade two-way radio is fit for hospitality, construction, personal use, and more.


  16 channels

Output Power:



  151.820, 151.880, 151.940, 154.570, 154.600 MHz

Waterproof Rating:


Communication Range

A powerful 1500 mW speaker and the basic range for a MURS radio make it ideal for various industries.

  • Up to 250,000 sq ft in a building, suited for warehouses, restaurants, and education.
  • Up to 20 floors in a building, great for hospitality, retail, or hospitals.
  • Up to 2 miles in a work site, perfect for construction, campsites, and hiking.
Communication ranges may differ depending on operating environment or weather conditions, etc.


Long Lasting Li-ion Battery

An outstanding battery capacity that can last up to 24-hours. This is perfect to exceed the standard workday and more. Even those who forget to charge the radio when their shift is over will have some operation time remaining.

Heavy Duty Construction

For any project in the rain, splashes in the mud, or drops on concrete, the V3MR’s compact and water-resistant chassis can withstand a daily worksite’s environment.

V3MR - RainV3MR - Mud










Other Features

  • VOX function
  • MDC PTT ID transmit
  • CTCSS tone and DTCS code
  • 2-step low battery beep
  • Lone Worker and Emergency features



Usable Frequencies and Bandwidth 151.820 MHz (11.25 kHz)
151.880 MHz (11.25 kHz)
151.940 MHz (11.25 kHz)
154.570 MHz (20.00 kHz)
154.600 MHz (20.00 kHz)
Memory Channels 16 channels
Transmit Output Power 2W (High),
1W (Mid),
0.5W (Low)
Receiver Sensitivity 0.25 µV (typ.) for 12 dB SINAD
Squelch Sensitivity 0.25 µV (typ.) at squelch threshold point
Audio output power
(at 5% distortion, 8Ω load)
  Internal SP
  External SP

1.5W (typ.)
0.4W (typ.)
1.5W (typ.)
Antenna Impedance 50Ω
Power Supply Voltage 7.2V
Current drain
  Tx High

  Rx Standby.
  Rx Max. Audio

77 mA
500 mA
Dimensions (with BP-298) 2.3" (W) x 4.4" (H) x 1.4" (D) inches
Weight 265 g; 9.3 oz

All stated specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.

Applicable U.S. Military Specifications

Standard MIL 810 G
Method Proc
Low Pressure 500.5 I, II
High Temp. 501.5 I, II
Low Temp. 502.5 I, II
Temp. Shock 503.5 I-C
Solar Radiation 505.5 I
Rain Blowing/Drip 506.5 I, III
Humidity 507.5 II
Salt Fog 509.5 -
Dust Blowing 510.5 I
Vibration 514.6 I
Shock 516.6 I, IV
Ingress Protection Standard
Dust & Water IP54 (Dust-protection and splash resistant)

Supplied Accessories

  • Antenna, FA-SC28V
  • Battery pack, BP-298
  • Belt clip, MB-124
  • Charger, BC-240
  • AC adapter, BC-242
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